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Work-Related Injuries

According to the 2018 release of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace injuries were reported in 2.8 million private industry employees. Work-related orthopedic injuries can occur from acute injuries sustained during work-related activities or from chronic overuse injury as result of highly repetitive use during work activities. These injuries can often cause significant pain and frequently limit the ability to perform the required occupational tasks. Furthermore, these injuries can result in significant loss of productivity and associated economic, professional, and personal repercussions for the affected individual.

Dr. Mithoefer has more than 15 years of experience with the treatment of a wide spectrum of acute and chronic musculoskeletal work-related injuries of joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscles. Treatment begins with a careful assessment of the cause of the injury, thorough clinical examination and individualized diagnostic testing. A personalized treatment program is then developed using non-operative or, if needed, surgical treatment methods that help to optimize the safe return to work. Due to his unique and extensive experience with both surgical and non-surgical regenerative orthopedic treatment methods, Dr. Mithoefer can apply these innovative biologic treatments to facilitate the healing process. Using an individually tailored treatment approach can effectively accelerate recovery and return to each specific work situation. Similar to returning an athlete back to play, Dr.Mithoefer’s goal is to get the injured worker “back in the game” safely while also helping to prevent potential recurrent injury in the future.

Based on his long-standing expertise with work-related injuries, Dr. Mithoefer provides comprehensive and compassionate care with direct access to experienced workman’s compensation coordinators to facilitate expedited appointments for patients with work-related injuries. In addition to the emphasis on accessibility, close communication and cooperation with patients , adjusters, case managers, and legal representatives is emphasized throughout the course of the treatment to optimize quality of care and to facilitate an individualized and safe return to work

Work-Related Injuries

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