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Sports Medicine

Sports-related injuries occur frequently and affect athletes of all ages and from the recreational to the professional level.  Sports medicine is a subspecialty of Orthopedics that treats sport-related musculoskeletal injuries with the goal to return the athlete back to his/her sport while also trying to prevent recurrent injury. Sports injuries can occur from acute trauma (i.e. sprains, fractures, dislocations) or develop gradually often from overuse (i.e. tendonitis, tendon tears). Risk factors for developing a sports injury include overtraining, under training, contact sports, lack of warm-up, inappropriate use of exercise equipment. Of course, a sports injury can simply be accidental. Regardless of the cause, expert care by a sports medicine specialist is recommended to ensure the proper healing of your injury so you can get back to doing the sports and activities you enjoy.

Sports Medicine

Dr. Mithoefer is a fellowship-trained, internationally recognized sports medicine expert with more than 15 years of experience in the management of athletic injuries. Besides his training and extensive experience in the entire spectrum of surgical and non-surgical treatment options for athletic injuries his unique background and experience in regenerative orthopedics allows him to use modern and innovative ortho biologic techniques to facilitate athletic recovery and return to sport. Dr. Mithoefer has extensive experience treating athletes of all levels including as team physician for the US National Soccer Team, New England Revolution (Major League Soccer), US Davis Cup Team, World Team Tennis, and as the Assistant Medical Director of Major League Soccer (MLS). Through his strong personal background in elite sports he understands the athlete’s mindset and places a key aspect of his treatment approach on facilitating the rapid and safe return to athletic activities while minimizing the risk for additional injuries. Based on the type of your injury, the severity of your injury, your overall health, and the type of sport you played. Mithoefer typically develops an individualized treatment plan that starts with non-operative treatment options if possible but offers also the full spectrum of surgical treatments if required for best long-term functional outcome or more rapid return to athletic activity.

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Regenerative Sports Medicine

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